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New Life has been extremely pleased with the quality of work and customer service provided by Arche Designs. Arche has been a tremendous partner exceeding our expectations in helping us to further drive our message with clarity into the consciousness of those we desire to touch.
Nika White
Marketing Director
New Life of Excellence Ministry
Spartanburg, SC

Website Development

Website Development Quote! A web site is a reflection of your companies identity on the Internet. The impression it conveys holds the visitor's attention and makes them want to keep coming back. Arche Designs provides professional websites for Internet and multimedia projects. We specialize in creating practical and visually stunning web presences that engage your customers and gives your business a competitive edge.

We generate exceptional results for our clients by providing a superior level of detail and quality in Web Development, Content Management Systems, E-commerce, Databases, and Web Applications. Our development team is committed to expanding our client’s business capabilities while producing web presences that are both useful and affordable.

We are able to offer web development solutions well below industry average prices because we focus on client satisfaction while keeping our overhead low. We feel that no other firm can match the quality of our work for the price of our services. Our company constantly reinvents itself by constantly progressing and learning, so that we are able to provide you with the most up-to-date technologies and solutions. We feel that excellence is not a goal to be reached but is the standard that we work by.

With our in-depth knowledge of the graphic design, programming, and computer technolgy, Arche Designs can offer your business or organization a wide variety of innovative services.

Website Optimization
We can optimize your website search engine potential. Search engines look at Meta coding as the robots index each website. The search engine optimization will implement Meta coding in your website to help search engines access your website's information faster and easier. When optimizing a Web site for the Internet's search engines it is crucial to determine the most likely keywords and phrases used to search for the site, and subsequently put the site in the most opportune position to score high in search engine matches for those words and phrases. Make your website more search engine ready and maximize your search engine results by letting Arche Designs implement search engine optimization!

Content Management
The ability to keep the information on your website fresh and constantly updated has become a vital part of a successful business strategy. Often times though, most companies do not have direct access to make changes and updates spending valuable time waiting for the updates to take effect.

We offer customized Content Management Systems and Database applications that will give you the freedom to manage your company's information on the fly. We customize our applications based on your companies particular needs. So whether you need an interactive poll or a system to keep track of members that log in to your site we will have a solution for you. The great part about our solutions is the fact that they generally do not require extensive training or the purchase of expensive software. Most of our solutions can be accessed online using nothing more than your basic web browser. You can access your data securely and timely from any computer via the internet, even if your resources are centrally located. We also employ security measures to make sure that no one has unauthorized access to your information.

You can have the best designed website possible, but it will be completely useless if no one ever visits it. We offer a wide range of online marketing solutions that will aid in establishing your internet presence. Some of our solutions include:

  • Consultation of advertising outlets to increase exposure
  • Email Marketing.Advertising
  • Pop Up Advertisments to focus on key products
  • Banner Ads for your website and others
  • Interactive ads designed to capture and keep attention